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Peter Walker (bagpipes, fiddle, whistle, vocals)

Raised in Texas, Peter began studying the Highland bagpipes in 2001, and brushed sixteen years of dust off his violin to study Scottish fiddle from Elke Baker in 2002. More recently, he has studied Gaelic - and sings the Tailors' Gaelic songs - and the wire-strung harp.

Peter plays with the City of Alexandria Pipes and Drums, solo, and with other local bands. he has competed on both fiddle and bagpipes, ranking 4th overall in EUSPBA Grade IV Sr. in 2006, and has twice competed in the US National Scottish Fiddle Championships. He also instructs, plays for dances, also performs historical reenactments as an 18th century Jacobite.

Peter brings his love of high energy dance tunes and strong musicological background to the band.

Peter lives in Springfield, VA.

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Kaitlyn Likas (fiddle, vocals, Highland & Irish Dance)

Kaitlyn Likas is an award-winning fiddler and Irish/ Scottish dancer based in the Washington DC area. From an early age, Momma Likas ingrained in Kaitlyn and her siblings an awareness and appreciation of their cultural heritage. You might have seen her sawing on strings, and dancing on swords with the well-known Irish sister group, "The Wild Irish Roses", along with The Charm City Saints, Black 47, O'Malley's March, Celtica, and The Fighting Jameson', and Capital Celtic. She has graced the stages of The Kennedy Center, and various restaurants and pubs.

Kaitlyn began her dancing career at the age of 4, learning Scottish Highland dance because Irish was sadly not available locally. She later was taught Irish dance in high school from both the Hunt and Broesler schools in Maryland, winning various competitions and championships.

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Jim Stimson (12-string guitar, baroque cittern)

A multi-instrumentalist of the highest order, Jim's main musical love is renaissance and baroque lute music, but his collection of exotic instruments extends to numerous varieties of string and wind. Jim also performs with the Homespun Ceilidh Band, solo, and in period instrument ensembles, including the Folger Consort and the New York Continuo Collective. He also has provided music for several Shakespeare plays.

In addition, Jim has edited several editions of the Lute Society of America quarterly and continues to conduct research on various early music subjects.

Jim hails from Okemos, Michigan.

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Amy Gray (vocals, Shruti, sound)

Amy Gray began singing with the band on occasion in Fall 2012, and we started bringing her into the performances more regularly in Fall 2013. Hailing from Dayton, Ohio by way of Charlotte, NC, and a visual artist by avocation, Amy found herself roped into the band by her husband, Peter, whom she also joins in 18th century Jacobite reenactments. Raised in the kirk choir, singing has been with her all her life.

She likes her composers long-decomposed, and may be caught playing old lute tunes on her Pictish harp, but only when she thinks no one is looking.

Amy also handles the band's booking, and working sound at our smaller pub gigs.

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Scott Morrison (bodhran, whistles, var. percussion, vocals)

Scott Morrison is a music instructor living in Elkridge, Maryland where he has been running his school, Rimshots, for nearly 20 years.

He teaches private percussion lessons and workshops workshops on the bodhran, spoons, bones, and tin whistle.

Scott plays in the world beat band called Big Blow and the Bushwackers and he led his own Scottish/Irish traditional ensemble called Dileab Phriseil (Precious Heritage), and has performed with Celtic music notables like Billy McComisky, Bonnie Rideout, Neil Foley, Andrew Dodds, Ben Williams, Skylark, Donna Nomick, and now The Devil's Tailors.

Scott is a fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker and has worked part time as an on-line Gaelic instructor a Gaelic phone interpreter. He also writes Gaelic poetry, sings traditional Gaelic songs, and is working towards a BA in Gaelic Language and Culture through the Gaelic College on Skye.

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Our Alumni
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Chris Lindsay (guitar, percussion, whistle, vocals)

A veteran of the Celtic music scene in upstate New York and the Midwest, Chris has played with such bands as Highland Reign, and brings his voice and his boundless energy to the band's performances.

Chris specializes in our Scots songs, having forgotten that he knows as many old Bothy ballads as he remembers that he knows! Chris' guitar work adds a unique drive to the pipe sets, and when not on guitar, he adds percussive depth on bodhran, or additional texture on whistle or octave mandolin.

Chris' home away from home is Rochester, NY.

Chris played with the Tailors from its founding through fall 2015.

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Susanne Bard (fiddle, vocals)

Susanne Bard hails from Seattle where she started playing the violin at age 7. Her father introduced her to contra dancing in 1992, and she took up the fiddle in 1995 to play for dances. In Seattle, she performed with Les Fabulous Girls du Oeste Coast, a festival contra dance band. Her primary musical inspiration comes from the fiddling and step-dancing of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which is deeply rooted in the Highland tradition. She moved to the East Coast in 2006, and resides in Washington, D.C. with her multi-talented dog, Mango. When not fiddling, she performs improvisational comedy. Susanne played with the Tailors almost from their founding until September 2011.

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Chelle Fulk (fiddle)

Chelle plays violin, viola, and various electric fiddles with groups ranging from classical string quartet to latin, jazz, and rock bands, and any other group you can imagine a fiddle in. Her solo recordings include "2 Do Beatles" and "Island Time". She's the fiddler for the bands Keltish and Coyote Run, and is featured in the new Riverdance-style show, Irish Mystique.
Chelle also owns and operates Music by Anthem, which provides ensembles of musicians for any function or any reason. She can be heard on dozens of recordings as a studio musician, performing across all musical genres. Visit for more information on Chelle and her many musical projects.

Chelle was the Tailors' lead fiddler from September 2011 through fall 2012, at which point her duties with Keltish and her other musical acts demanded more of her time. She continues to record with the Tailors, and turns out for us when we're in a pinch.

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Susan McIntosh-Worrell (fiddle)

Susan has played violin since age 7 in such diverse styles as classical, rock, folk, calypso and jazz. Having started in the classical genre, she played with several symphony orchestras. She has toured the US and Canada with R&B/funk band John King & Jegna, and with them opened for Michael Bolton in the Caribbean. She also performed and toured with folk band Small Fry in Switzerland, and rock group Magnet Man, where they were a featured band in International Music Conference Midem in France in 2006.

Proud of her Scottish heritage, she is also trained in both Highland dancing and Scottish Country Dancing.
Susan played with the Tailors from Fall 2012 through Fall 2013, leaving to spend more time with her two wee bairns.

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Rosemary Hall (fiddle, vocals)

Rosemary began playing fiddle at the age of seven in the bluegrass style before finding her true love with celtic. She has performed with the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club and The Devil's Tailors as well as for ceilidhs, and is a two-time Virginia Junior Scottish Fiddling Champion.

Her mentors include National Scottish Fiddle Champion Elke Baker, Pete Clark, Brian McNeill of The Battlefield Band, Kimberley Fraser, and Alasdair Fraser.

Rosemary also plays classical violin in her university orchestra and has studied with members of the BSO.

Rosemary was the Tailors' fiddler from summer 2015 through summer 2016.

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Jennifer Lubell (bodhran, Irish & Highland dance)

Jen Lubell learned how to play the Irish drum (bodhran) at a party full of bagpipers more than two decades ago, and has been rocking out as a percussionist ever since. She enjoys Irish step dancing and singing, and recently recorded an album (Io's Crossing) with her longtime music partner Mike Stoddard. For many years, she was known as Mistress Gwenna, "The Dancing Drummer" at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. She has been a regular member of the Homespun Ceilidh Band since 1994.

Jennifer has been joining the Tailors as a regular guest musician since fall 2015.

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Guest Musicians have included:

Liz Donaldson (on piano, for Ceilidh gigs)

Andrew Dodds (on fiddle)

EJ Jones (on low whistle/smallpipes)

Keith Carr (on Celtic cittern)

Katy Summerlin (on fiddle)

Lauren Brenzo (on fiddle)

the band
The Devil's Tailors germinated in the heads of piper/fiddler Peter Walker and SixMileBridge alum Anders Johansson in 2005. Named for one of the most famous reels in the fiddler's repertoire, "The De'ill Amang the Tailors" (known as "The Devil's Dream" among Irish and American fiddlers), the band was conceived as a high energy Scottish Celtic band, heavy on pipes and fiddle, with a repertoire of tunes and songs spanning four centuries.

After experimenting with different formats for a while, singer and guitarist Chris Lindsay joined in 2006, and the band debuted as a 2-person act at the March 2007 National Tartan Day Festival.

Lutenist, guitarist, and cittern player Jim Stimson joined late in 2007, and the current format of the band was launched in 2008, with fiddler Lauren Brenzo completing the quartet. Fiddler Andrew Dodds joined us for an event in June 2008, and in late 2008 Susanne Bard joined us as our full-time fiddler, replaced by Chelle Fulk in fall 2012, and by Susan McIntosh-Worrell in fall 2012. Fiddler Rosemary Hall, pianist Liz Donaldson, and vocalist Amy Gray joined the band for occasional events, and the decision was made to invite them to to play regularly with the core group when available, expanding the band to a flexibly-sized ensemble of four to six.

The Devil's Tailors has played at the National Tartan Day Festival in Alexandria, VA, the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, MD, Celebrate Fairfax!, the Virginia Scottish Games, the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, at Burns suppers for the alumni clubs of the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and at John Strongbow's Tavern in Alexandria, VA, along with ceilidhs, weddings, parties and other events, with more shows soon!

One of these days, founding member e meritus Anders Johansson will even join us on stage with his Chapman Stick. Honest.

The page background is the Walker family tartan. The tartan was apparently registered in 1991 by Robert Walker Hawks of Tennessee.
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